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Name of Dog: Baba
Age: 9 years
Sex: Female
Child Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Description: Dear little Baba would like a home of her own.
This little lady is about 9 and was dumped at the shelter with a litter of puppies. One by one they were adopted while she remained behind, scared and lonely.
She has now been in foster for a while and has learnt that it is OK to enter a house, that people can be nice and be trusted. She is housetrained and absolutely loves the grass, she enjoys crawling on it on her tummy. It must feel so good after being in a concrete pen for so long.
Baba is happy pottering around the garden and the house but is still very scared of the lead and going for walks so this will need time and perseverance. She is worried by strangers but after a short while, with the help of some pieces of chicken will start to relax. Baba is living with other dogs and gets on well with small ones and puppies but is terrified of big dogs.
This gentle little lady would suit a young retired person or couple. With time and patience her confidence will grow and she will slowly start to live the life every dog dreams of.

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