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Name of Dog: Bill and Ben
Age: 5
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
Description: Bill and Ben are Basenji x Podenco brothers who have spent their whole 5 years of life until now in a shelter. According to their foster they are the easiest dogs she’s had yet! Mainly because they are lazy little tykes and rarely leave the sofa! These boys are just adorable, and so bonded that they do everything in synch. There’s no way they could be separated. They are clean throughout the day but one is having an overnight accident, we just don’t know which one! But they will get there. They are so friendly and they are completely smitten with the child in the home with health needs. I just love love love these boys and I’m praying someone reading this post is going to fall for them also. They are currently in foster in Bristol.
Oh, and they are cat friendly!!!
And basenjis can’t bark!
What more could you want.

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