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Name of Dog: Brina
Age: 5 months
Sex: Female
Child Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Description: This darling little pup is Brina. She is now about 5 months old and weighs in at 5kgs so she is only going to be small when adult.
Brina had a touch of Demodectic mange when she arrived (it's not catching) and she has lost more fur than shows in this picture but she has had full treatment and her fur is slowly starting to grow back.
Brina is a very friendly pup who is admired by all who meet her but she does suffer from separation anxiety. She is however happy with whatever human being is around so if a close family member or friend can dog sit she will be quite content. We also feel that she would be happiest being homed alongside another dog.
Brina loves children and seems to be drawn to them so she would make an excellent family pet.
She is currently in foster in Bristol.

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