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Name of Dog: Bunty
Age: 3
Sex: Female
Child Friendly: Unknown
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Description: Bunty is now in our emergency kennel through no fault of hers. She has been living in a home for months and now to find herself back in a kennel is heartbreaking.
Bunty is a very shy, submissive girl who takes a little while to learn to trust new people, but when she does is a very loving, affectionate girl. She is housetrained and a fairly quiet little soul who will always do her best to avoid trouble.
All Bunty needs is a calm, structured foster or forever home where someone is home a good part of the day and who has time to gently and slowly gain her trust, help her with her confidence and to move forward.
An adult only home, perhaps with a young retired couple would be perfect as if there is too much noise or people coming and going she will simply hide herself away.
Shy dogs do not neccessarily always remain shy. With calm, confident, loving attention most progress and start to lead a ‘normal’ dogs life, enjoying walks and letting more people into their lives. They just need commitment as it takes time.

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