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Name of Dog: Chira(ADOPTED)
Age: 10 months
Sex: Female
Child Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Yes
Description: Chira is quite simply an enormous lapdog who likes to lie on her back with her head on your lap. She is a very friendly Great Dane mix. Although she is fine being left for short periods she hates being separated from you in the house and will open doors and jump stairgates to be with you. Being a big dog, and a puppy means that if you are not careful food will go missing from worktops etc.
Chira needs a fair amount of room and a secure garden to play in. She is a very sociable girl who enjoys playing with other dogs of all sizes. She is fine with cats. She loves her walks, has good recall (most of the time) and loves to play in water.
Chira can be a determined girl so needs a home where boundaries will be set. She is very intelligent and learns quickly.
She is spayed and 10 months old.
Any resident children need to be confident, respectful age 10+

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