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Name of Dog: Cliff
Age: 10
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Description: This lovely big little dog is 10 year old Cliff.
This is what his carer has to say about him

Cliff came to me as a very scared boy who was desperate for some human attention. He is still slightly nervous of new people but once they pay him some attention he happily laps up any affection he can get. There is nothing he loves more than a belly rub and a good brush.

When outside walking he is building up confidence to approach other dogs which is absolutely amazing. He is getting better on the lead and is beginning to enjoy his walks.

He is very good around my cats and will only bark at them if there’s food around. He becomes guarded around his food on the odd occasion but only with other animals. He gets lots of attention from quite a lot of kids in the area although he can be nervous around anyone new (both adults and children) and he can still be unsure when children make loud noises.

Cliff is an extremely lovely dog who does a funny dance when he comes up to greet you. He is a well behaved boy and would do anything for food and a cuddle. He is going to make the most amazing pet for one very lucky owner and will be dearly missed by myself and my children but he deserves to have a special home of his own. X

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