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Name of Dog: Doodles
Age: 2
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: No
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Description: We know this isn't going to be easy but if you don't try...you don't get!!
We sent Doodles off to a sanctuary for some specialist help but after 2 months at a cost of £360 a month there was no change and so he has come back to our private kennel.
In the 2 weeks that he has been back he has bonded well with his carer and he has had visits from people he has lived with before (see pic) and he remembers them and allows them to touch him. Other visitors he just barks at in quite an off putting way.
The kennel is ok as a temporary solution but Doodles has lived in a home and he is having to spend long hours on his own and we want more than this for him.
So...what are we looking for?? Well...we want someone who is prepared to make a big commitment to Doodles. He needs to have somewhere like a conservatory or utility room where he can live on the edge of the family and join it when he is ready.
Doodles is not a dog that you will be able to take for a walk...that will be a long way off but as long as he has access to a garden he is housetrained and once he knows you and trusts you he can be a very loving dog but he will be wary of people he doesn't know for a long time...perhaps forever.
We believe there is someone for every dog and there will be someone out there for Doodles so let's share him and find him that home.

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