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Name of Dog: Haiduc
Age: 4
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: Unknown
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Is there anyone who can offer Haiduc a foster or adoptive home?
His carer has had to be admitted to hospital and isn’t likely to be well enough afterwards to have Haiduc back.
Haiduc is about 4, medium size and is a friendly, playful, comic dog. He is affectionate, housetrained and fine to be left for a few hours. Haiduc would be fine as an only dog or with others. He will make someone a great companion dog.
Haiduc had bonded really well with his carer and is heartbroken in kennels. He really can’t understand why he has been taken away and put into an environment which must remind him of the shelter. He is miserable and losing his trust.
He needs somewhere with a secure garden as he isn’t yet walking on a lead and as he hasn’t yet met any children needs an adult only home.

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