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Name of Dog: Henry
Age: 7
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: Unknown
Cat Friendly: Unknown

This is Henry. A dear, sweet, medium size boy, covered in scars.
Henry was abandoned as a puppy and has spent all his life in a Spanish shelter. He so wants and needs human comfort and to know what it is like to be loved.
We aren’t quite sure what has happened to Henry in the past but he is absolutely terrified of other dogs, shaking visibly when they get too near and for him to be in kennels with others all around must be torturous.
Henry needs to be in a nice safe home. Somewhere calm and quiet with a secure garden to potter around in. He needs to be able to be a proper dog. To learn to dig holes and to play.
Most of all Henry needs to feel safe.

If you know anyone fairly local to Trowbridge who is home a lot of the day, who has an adult only pet free home please ask if they would consider fostering this boy. We will cover all expenses, and at the moment he wouldn’t even need walking.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering this dog please click the button to fill out the adoption questionnaire.