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Name of Dog: Lulu
Age: 1
Sex: Female
Child Friendly: Unknown
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Description: Lulu is the most lovely dog with a hilarious personality and big heart to match it! She walks extremely well on the lead but does pull (and is very strong) when she is scared. This often happens when people and cars come up behind her but this improves everyday and her progress has been huge in the short amount of time she has been here! She just needs some reassurance and then she will carry on. She is fully house trained and currently only poos and wees in the garden, doesn’t seem to go when out on walks. She is trained a bit she can sit, stay/wait, Lie down and her recall is getting there but that comes with how much she trusts and wants to be with you but she will definitely be able to go off lead in the future. She is slightly funny about her food when other dogs are around so if living or around another dog she needs to be fed separately. Other than that she is extremely good with other dogs and enjoys playing with them (which is extremely funny to watch). She could be an only dog as well, as she loves the company of people just as much. She is good with children but because of her size older children would be best. She is still nervous of new people coming into the home but this is also improving, so would take time to adjust in a new environment.
Lulu is such a lovely dog who really deserves her forever home with lots of hugs and cuddles. Fosters would have had her if she wasn’t going to end up being left at home a lot and had the time to train her! However, she can be left and has been left up to 3 hours so far and properly could be left for more, but when she has bonded with someone she gets more upset when they leave. She needs a home where her new owners have time to train her. Although she is believed to be collie x she is a lazy sod and will often be asleep but she does need lots of exercise and a garden she can bolt around in!

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