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Name of Dog: Paige
Age: 6
Sex: Female
Child Friendly: No
Cat Friendly: Yes
Description: Beautiful Paige arrived a few weeks ago and is doing very well in foster. This poor girl spent 6 whole years in a kennel with very little socialisation of any kind. She’s currently living with several cats and 3 dogs. 2 of the dogs she gets on fine with but the other one and her don’t get in at all so ideally she needs a home quite soon as they have to be kept separate. She’s been fine with all dogs she’s met outside of the house and goes to the stables every day with her fosterer. She’s very people friendly but after 6 years in the refuge she needs a quiet and understanding home while she learns what is expected of her with no young children. She’s already asking to go out when she needs the toilet and she travels well in the car every day although she hasn’t learnt to jump in yet and she’s a bit of a lump so you need to be quite strong! Paige, given the time and patience to learn the ropes, is going to make someone an amazing pet. She’s currently in foster near Marlborough.

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