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Name of Dog: Silvie
Age: 9 months
Sex: Female
Child Friendly: No
Cat Friendly: No
Description: Niche home wanted for the beautiful Sylvie.
As with so many of our dogs Sylvie didn't have the best start in life.
She and her siblings were running in a factory yard and the boss called in the dog catchers to remove them. Sylvie was taken to a private shelter but of course at this stage she was a completely unsocialised pup.
She is between 9-10 months old and given her background she has done amazingly well in her current foster placement but she is with a lot of dogs and would now benefit from more one to one time.
Sylvie is a fickle little madam and it's a bit difficult to tell what exactly is the right home.
What we do know is that it has to be a home with no cats and no children.
Sylvie bonds very closely with her main carer and is a cuddly love bug but she can be standoffish with new people.
In her current home there is one large very placid dog that she adores but can be quite grumbly around the others .
Sylvie is still a work in progress but we feel that she would benefit from being in a permanent home with someone who can take her forward at her pace.
She is house trained and lead trained.
She is in foster between Melksham and Bath.

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