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Name of Dog: Teasel
Age: 18months
Sex: Female
Child Friendly: Unknown
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Teasel is being returned and needs an urgent foster or adoption offer.
This year old girl was originally adopted by a family, but as she got older she started to display some guarding behaviour in the home with her sleeping areas. As there were children, unfortunately the family made the sad decision to return her.
She has now been in foster for 2 weeks and hasn’t really displayed much of the guarding but her carers have decided she needs more exercise than they can give her so she now needs a new home.
In her original home Teasel went everywhere with the family. She attended training classes and got her Bronze and Silver, she went on holiday with them and took part in family adventures. She is a marvellous dog outside the home.
Being a young, possible Collie mix, Teasel gets bored easily. She needs off lead runs if possible and something to do. These dogs thrive on positive training, teaching heel work, obedience, agility or flyball. Or living in a home where she can go out and about for a lot of the day.
Everyone who meets Teasel loves her. Her guarding behaviour can be overcome with some confident management in a sensible, calm home with someone who can commit to her.

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