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After hearing about 800 dogs being inhumanely killed in a shelter in Romania back in February 2014, we could not stand by and do nothing. We are a small group of friends that work together to save as many dogs from these horrendous shelters as we can. We bring dogs over to the UK and they are fostered until we find them a permanent home.


Many of these dogs are traumatised, either by the treatment of the dogcatchers or employees of the shelters or having witnessed the killing of kennel mates at the shelter. However, a lot of our dogs were living on the streets until they were caught by the dogcatchers, so in order to survive they are generally very friendly and sociable with both people and other dogs. It’s the only way they were able to survive.

Others are simply abandoned pets.



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We are trying to build our base of fosterers, as they are such an important link in this rescue chain. If you are interested in fostering a dog, please message us on the site and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. We look to foster up to one hour’s drive from Bath. This is to enable us to provide support to fosterers and of course the dogs they are looking after.

For adoptions, we can arrange adoptions throughout the UK. Potential adopters must be prepared to travel and meet the dog (s) to assess whether the dog is a good match to you. Adopters must be prepared to travel to collect their dogs once adoption is approved.

We also now conduct homechecks before any potential adopter can meet any dog..  This saves unnecessary time , enables us to best match a dog to prospective adopter and protects our foster carers.

In the case of fostering and adopting a home check will apply and in the case of adoption, an adoption fee will apply. This enables us to save another dog’s life, so is very important.

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