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Name of Dog: Aida
Age: 5
Sex: Female
Child Friendly: No
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Description: Aida’s foster place placement is coming to an end and she needs somewhere to go from 8/3 at the latest.
This poor girl has now been in 3 foster homes in about 2 months (none of it her fault she had to move) and now really needs a bit of continuity.
Aida is very sweet and loving with women. She loves a belly rub, love and attention. She can be more unsettled and anxious around men but does accept them over time. Small children terrify her.
Aida was a long time in the shelter but has put most of that behind her. She is housetrained and playful with other dogs. She is still nervous of loud noises, sudden movements and new things. She isn’t yet walking on a lead and her carer will need to build a strong bond before lead training.
Please, please can someone offer her a foster space or a forever home? This girl has so much potential which is going to waste.
Currently in Warminster.

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