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Name of Dog: Aldo
Age: 7
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: Unknown
Cat Friendly: No
Description: This boy is one very special dog.
Aldo was attacked and almost killed by other dogs in the shelter. He is missing most of one of his ears and has horrendous scarring . However he remains friendly towards other dogs and is currently living with a range of dogs from chihuahua to Lurcher size.
He has now been here a while but needs to move on from his current foster as increased workload means that no one has time to work with Aldo, getting him used to a lead and introducing him to walks etc.
Aldo is shy, and if worried or scared will always try to hide away. Once you have gained his trust however he is the most sweet, loving boy.
He needs an adult only, calm, gentle, but dog confident home, with another non threatening dog or two. He needs someone who has the patience and time to gain his trust, help his confidence grow and to gradually introduce him to the joys of the great outdoors.
He may never be the most confident, gregarious dog, but he has the biggest, bravest heart to share with the right person.

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