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Name of Dog: Bella
Age: 4
Sex: Female
Child Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: No
Description: This is beautiful Bella, a UK rescue whom we helped re-home about 6 months ago.
Unfortunately Bella’s adopters’ circumstances have unexpectedly changed dramatically so she is now looking for a new home.
Bella is a 4 year old German Shepherd cross Akita. She is an extremely loving girl who bonds closely with her family, enjoys country walks and playing ball.
Bella would prefer a home with another dog as without that canine company she gets anxious if left alone.
She would like a home where there is someone home a good part of the day and who has time to spend with her and exercise her.
She can get a little anxious around strange dogs when out and is a little reactive on the lead, although this has improved with her current home.
A super, big, furry lap dog.
Currently in Calne

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