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Name of Dog: Dallas
Age: 5
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: Yes
Cat Friendly: No
Description: Dallas the Dream Dog.
Dallas is a Spanish Galgo and there is one reason alone as to why he is being rehomed and that is his owners health. Dallas now only has the garden as his owner is not well enough to walk him and she feels he needs and deserves more than this.
This stunning looking boy ticks so many boxes. He loves everyone and is great with all dogs and regularly play bows to try and engage in play.
He is nearly 5 years old, is good on the lead, good travelling in the car and hasn't got an aggressive bone in his body.
Dallas would make a great family dog particularly with an active family who can take him out for the long walks that he adores. As he is quite a big boy we would be looking for a family with children 8+ as he may unintentionally bowl over small children.
He can be left for reasonable amounts of time and will just snuggle down and wait for his owners return.
Fabulous dog who will make a great addition to a household.
Dallas currently resides in Melksham.O

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