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Name of Dog: Duke
Age: 6
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: Unknown
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Description: Duke
What a super handsome sweet nearly 3 year old boy. He is about whippet size and fairly energetic. Duke is a sensitive soul but always eager to please his peeps and bonds strongly with plenty of affection to give. He has been in the UK since a pup and loves home life. Living with other dogs but wants all the attention so a fairly laid back non dominant boy or girl dog would be a perfect pal. He does have a slight chase instinct for small furries but likes dogs his size and smaller and loves to play. As an only dog his peeps would need to be about a fair bit but he doesn’t mind being left for short periods. Loves long country walks and is good off lead but just doesn’t like strange dogs or humans surprising him but who does! Looking for his calm, understanding and loving forever home.
Duke needs an adult only home

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