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Name of Dog: Forest
Age: 3
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: No
Cat Friendly: Yes
Description: This is Forest.
He is a 3 year old large size (30kg) boy thought to be a Mioritic Sheepdog mix.
Forest is a fairly high energy boy who will need long country walks and a garden to play in.
Although he is fine with dogs he knows he struggles with meeting dogs when out as his previous life consisted of him being chained to a kennel 24/7. His adopter will need to be able to walk him in very quiet areas at the moment to let him become accustomed to seeing other dogs from a distance so that he can start to relax and realise they aren’t a threat.
He would love a similar size, active dog to play with but meet ups would obviously be tricky. He will be fine living as an only dog as long as someone is home most of the time and he gets the exercise that he requires.
Forest needs a quiet, adult only home with people confident with big dogs who are able to remain calmly in control and set ground rules.
He is a very affectionate boy with his carers.
He is living with cats and completely ignores them.

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