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Name of Dog: Jimmy Choo
Age: 6
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: No
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Description: Darling little Jimmy Choo is looking for his forever home. He’s incredibly cute but he does need an experienced home and another resident dog. This is what his foster has to say about him.

I know, I know, I look so cute!
Well yes JC does look comically cute. He chirrups at you to let you know what he wants and grumbles when he feels he needs to tell you off for, say, walking in a room!
If you do walk in he will spook and run off.
If you are seated and he is feeling safe enough, he will choose the seat furthest from you and settle down (hopefully alongside the resident dog. He doesn’t understand how Millie is desperate to be cuddled by her humans.
The only time that JC is comfortable with being close is with my husband in the evening in bed. He will then allow himself to be stroked and loves lying on his legs (we have even woken up with JC next to him. JC will accept treats and is very soft mouthed.
Mornings he and Millie have a mad 5 minutes chasing each other around the room, its lovely to see. JC will need another gentle resident dog to be his friend (he likes dogs, not humans). He is mostly clean in the house. He is unlikely to pass you if you are in a doorway, which can mean getting him in can take time.
On the lead he can pull and if startled, tries to slip his lead/harness. This said he does like going out. Thankfully he now tries to escape into the house, rather than away from it.

Jimmy will need a very special owner who understands that he missed out on being socialised and that progress will be in terms of months not weeks
He needs a very calm quiet house where he can relax and not always be anxious.
You will need to be patient and not expect too much in return. He will learn though as we have see tremendous progress since he came to us before Christmas.

JC is a very special little dog who needs owners experienced with nervous dogs. It would be too easy to be pulled in by how cute he looks and overlook just how much time and patience he will need.

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