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Name of Dog: Kenso
Age: 10
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: No
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Description: Little Kenso needs an experienced, gentle, understanding single lady owner.
He is about 10, doesn’t have brilliant eyesight and has obviously had a very difficult life. The picture on the left shows him in the shelter. He was terrified and close to death when he was found.
Kenso is housetrained, loves his walks and has some very playful times. He can be a very sweet boy when he knows you but sudden movements or being touched in a scary way will spook him and he will then nip through fear.
He is very worried by men and suspicious of strangers so needs to be put safely away if visitors arrive.
Kenso is looking for salvation. Someone who understands that life hasn’t been easy and that he finds it difficult to trust and relax.
He will need a secure garden.

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