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Name of Dog: Kenso
Age: 9
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: Unknown
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Description: Kenso was rescued emaciated and at deaths door from the streets of Romania.
It is thought that he had had a home for some of his life but had then been struggling to survive for years on the streets.
Not everyone is friendly towards street dogs and Kenso takes some time to trust new people. He will need to have a few meet and greets with any potential adopters and they will need to give him space and time and allow him to make up his own mind about when he feels comfortable enough to approach.
He can nip if he feels threatened.
He is generally a very sweet little boy who needs a gentle, calm and dog confident person with a secure garden who will accept him for who he is and let him adjust to a new home in his time.
He now enjoys his quiet country walks and is gaining in confidence daily, but can get spooked if walked in confined areas where he feels trapped.
Although he doesn’t interact very much with the other dogs, just having them around gives him confidence so another smallish quiet dog in the home would be a great benefit to him.
Although he is an older dog, he is not necessarily an older persons dog. He is skittish and he needs someone able to get on the floor with him to put on his harness and to be able to carry him in his crate to the car if he needs transporting anywhere as he is too scared to be picked up and won’t jump in the car by himself.
A very special little survivor who needs a very special person.

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