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Name of Dog: Minka
Age: 4
Sex: Female
Child Friendly: Unknown
Cat Friendly: No
Description: "My little stinky minky is looking for her forever home. (Nicknamed because her coat was in an awful state when she arrived!) She would be staying but unfortunately she barks too much at the cats and therefore needs a home without them!
It took minka a while to settle when she arrived but with me she is now confident loving and outgoing and very cuddly. In a new environment away from her comfort zone she may take a while to adjust but once youre her friend she will love you forever!
Minka is a great balance of playful and relaxed.
She will play chase when out and has play friends but chooses not to play with dogs she isnt best friends with when at home.
She is great to walk off lead, doesnt go too far and continually checks in with you. She loves her walks but would much rather sit inside than sit in the garden. I can leave her to roam the front garden and know she wont go further than the end of the drive.
Minka will bark at black dogs but its never more than a bark and once she has had a bark she is fine . This is worse at home than it is out walking.
Minka is fine to be left for any length of time. She ocasionally hoardes things (its got better over time but when she first arrived her bed contained cutlery, a pen, screwdriver, paint pot lid, slipper, ceramic candle holder and a scarf but has never chewed. She is house trained (although needs supervision if its raining as will go out and then come back in too wee!)
Minka is a super little dog, (small side of medium) and will make someone a wonderful companion. Her tail never stops wagging and will always put a smile on your face!!!
Minka will be best homed with another dog of any variety to help her settle. "
In foster in Warminster

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