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Name of Dog: Ned
Age: 1
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: No
Cat Friendly: No
Description: If Ned is going to live the sort of life we want for our dogs then he must move on.
He arrived last July aged about 6 months and has been in foster here at LoL.
Ned was caught by the dog catchers and taken to Breasta. It's almost certain that he was a street pup so his first close contact with human beings would have been of rough handling.
He arrived as a very scared pup and though he will tolerate some handling he is still a nervous dog who cannot be harnessed or attached to a lead.
Ned is currently living with 17 other dogs and here is where the main problem lies.
Ned does not do well as a member of a large pack and needs far more time and devotion than he is getting. He gets over excited and stops listening.
Ned is not for the faint hearted and needs someone who is skilled at training dogs. He is a very clever dog and as he cannot let off steam with exercise he needs his energy diverted into 'thinking tasks'.
Ned plays well with the large bitch in the pack and with two small boy dogs but will be a bully to submissive dogs.
Anyone who considers Ned would have to start right at the beginning to win his trust. He is not a dog that you could meet and quickly become friends with.
We realise this is quite a specialist home that we are looking for but it could be disaster for Ned to be with someone who cannot meet his needs.
Please contact us if you would like to have a chat, we will tell it exactly as it is but we so want him to have the chance to flourish.
In Trowbridge

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