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Name of Dog: Nero
Age: 18months
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: No
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Description: Nero is possibly one of our most asked about dogs (he is really handsome) but absolutely no one has been the right match for him.
In many ways Nero is great. When in a new home he bonds quickly and completely with his immediate family, is playful, funny and loving. He is intelligent, energetic and learns quickly. He gets on well with other dogs.
Nero however thinks it is his purpose to protect his family and can be defensive with strangers. He needs to be muzzled or shut away when visitors come round. Although he is far better outside the home he is always muzzled, just in case.
Nero would be a great dog for someone who doesn’t have many visitors and who enjoys long country walks or who wants a dog they can ‘do something’ with as he responds well to training and we think could be really good at something like agility.
There must be the perfect home for him out there.

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