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Name of Dog: Rommie
Age: 6
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: No
Cat Friendly: Yes
Description: Rommie is looking for a new home.
He was adopted from us nearly 4 years ago but due to a chronic illness of his adopter he has sadly had to come back.
However, he is doing well in foster but now needs a home to call his own again.
Rommie is 5-6 years old and a super friendly dog who loves cuddles and would happily be a lap dog.
He is living with 2 other dogs and gets on well with both happily playing with the younger ones. He loves playing tug of war and chasing a ball.
He is fully housetrained and is living with cats and takes no notice of them.
He is currently exercised on a long line and his recall on that is very good.
Outside of the home Rommie can be a bit reactive with other dogs but he is very responsive to commands and stops when he is told. Once introductions have been made he is fine.
Rommie can be startled easily and for this reason he is not suitable to be around young children.
Rommie is fine at being left at home for a few hours at a time but he has always been in the company of other dogs and not left completely alone.
Super loving boy who now needs to start the next chapter in his life.
Rommie is currently in Brixham in Devon.

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