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Name of Dog: Saul
Age: 13 months
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: Unknown
Cat Friendly: Unknown
Description: Saul is now ready to look for his forever home. He is 13 months old and the height of a small Labrador, although not as heavily built. A possible Labrador, Shepherd mix.

This is what his carer has to say about him

“Saul a delightful young friendly happy lad, very sweet and loving, confident and settled in the home, quite nosey and inquisitive loves to join in with what your doing, he’s the dog that will follow you into the bathroom just to see what’s going on!! Likes to play and fetch toys and enjoys walks but still building confidence in the outside world, living happily with other dogs but could potentially be an only dog if his people were around a lot as he loves company. He also has no idea what personal space is and will jump on your lap for snuggles.”

He would be best in an adult only home. Not cat tested.

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