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Name of Dog: Stacey
Age: 9
Sex: Female
Child Friendly: Unknown
Cat Friendly: Yes
Description: Stacey is a large size, shy but very gentle girl.
She was sad and shut down when she arrived and you get the impression that life had been so horrible for so long that she didn’t expect anything good and was just resigned to whatever happened next.
The spark is starting to return to her eyes and she has now even started to play a little with one of the resident dogs on occasion.
Stacey is housetrained and has started to get used to walking on a lead. She loves to lay outside in the sun.
She needs a home with a secure garden and another friendly dog she can buddy up with, where her people are gentle and quiet, (just like her) and who are prepared to give her time to slowly settle, gain in confidence and start living the life she always should have had.

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