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Name of Dog: Walter
Age: 2
Sex: Male
Child Friendly: No
Cat Friendly: No
Description: This is a boy who really deserves and needs his forever home now.

We have been holding out for a home with another dog as Wally has never lived as an only and spends a lot of time playing with and generally spending time with his doggy companions.
He is, however reactive towards dogs he doesn’t know (this is fear based) so meet ups with other dogs don’t always go well and people need to understsnd that a few meet and greets would need to be done.
Walter is a clever, active 2-3 year old who needs long country walks.
If placed as an only dog he will need people around all day who have time to spend interacting with him otherwise he gets bored and will start to act up.
He needs a good routine with a calm, confident, take control person so that Wally can relax
Resident children 12+
He has a strong chase instinct so no cats or small furries.

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