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1. How much does it cost to Reserve then adopt a dog?

Leash of Life require a £50.00 deposit when you reserve a dog. This deposit is Non-refundable UNLESS the home check fails.

The adoption fee charge to adopt a dog is £295.00.

2. Why is there is a fee payable to adopt a dog?

The adoption fee covers the cost of the following checks and services:

1. Spaying or neutering (unless too young when travelling, too old or medically unadvised)

2. Vaccines

3. Microchipping

4. Passport

5. Foster care costs in Romainia

6. Travel costs from Romania to the UK

7. Any other costs

3. How can I adopt a dog?

Have a look at our All dogs (alphabetical list) page, when you see one that you think is right for you complete the Enquiry form and press Send.

Your request will be be received by the Leash of Life representative who will contact you within 5 working days for a chat. Be sure to complete information requested, importantly the name of the dog you are enquiring about in the Subject of the message.

If the dog is still available and we think you could be a good match, we’ll look to arrange a home check. If we’re not sure the pet is right for you, we’ll explain why and let you know about any others we think might be a better fit for you and your family.

4. Are all dogs rescued?

No. Not all dogs are selected for rescue from the kill shelter, we only rescue dogs that are friendly.

5. How are the dogs transported from Romania?

The dog is transported from Romania by road and arrive at Essex where he will remain within kennels for 48 hours. The dog is checked out by Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) vet. Following the examination at Essex kennels the dog is then transported to Newbury and collected by us. Then dog is then taken directly to temporary foster care, for a foster home or to the new adoptive family.

6. What is a home check?

A home check is required for all potential adopters and fosterers. A home check entails a visit to the adopter/fosterer’s home by a Leash of Life representative to ensure that the circumstances of the fosterer/adopter are sufficient to support the dog. For example, the Leash of Life representative will want to know if the fosterer/adopter is at home sufficiently during the day, if the dog is able to receive exercise, the dog will be looked after well, that if the dog has access to a garden that it is secure, etc.

7. How much does it cost to foster a dog?

It doesn’t cost anything to foster a dog. You will however still be subject to a home check. We will cover any vet bills that may be incurred during fostering.

8. What is Leash of Life's adoption criteria?

The majority of dogs require a home with direct access to a very secure garden.  

We cannot home where a dog is to be left alone regularly for extended periods of time, especially if an only dog.

We expect every dog to be exercised daily to its individual requirements and for the adopter to spend time interacting, playing and training the dog

To protect both the dogs and children we will not home any dog or puppy where any resident children are under the age of 5.

We cannot home adult dogs to children under the age of 5 unless they have lived with young children.     

We also cannot home puppies or very young dogs to people over 70.  Rehoming to people over 80 will be at our discretion and would depend on the age of the dog requested and the capability of the adopter.  

Each adoption request will be considered individually as to the suitability of the match between the dog and the prospective adopter.